Financial advice. For everyone.

Focus on your higher value clients,
and let Onvestor focus on everyone else.

Onvestor can manage the clients you are no longer minded or able to in a world of ever-increasing reporting and servicing requirements. We take responsibility for these clients and provide a full advice service. In so doing addressing all your regulatory concerns, and providing you in return with either contracted income in perpetuity or a capital event.

Onvestor's solution is truly a win-win for everyone.

It’s not just about liberating you to focus on the clients that matter to you most. It’s about giving all the clients you hand over to us a low-cost, efficient, and technology-enabled service - that helps deliver the outcomes they seek.


Let Onvestor convert a problem into income.

Even with the greatest of intentions, many financial advisory firms find that they can no longer fully cater to their entire client book. With wealthier clients come more opportunities for an adviser, resulting in others acquired over time being de-prioritised and possibly under-served.

Now there is a solution.

Onvestor offer a truly win-win scenario for all parties - providing an excellent service for the client, and a previously untapped source of income for the adviser... eradicating in so doing all regulatory concerns.

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