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John Humpish - CMO, Onvestor

There are two ways of getting advice – the old way, and the new way.

The old way involves a number of face-to-face meetings, lots of paper, and the expense of working in an inefficient, analogue way. Most normally, the advice provided starts from square one on the basis that your needs are unlike anyone else's, and a completely individualised recommendation is made.

The new way is different. Face-to-face meetings are replaced by telephone and video calls conducted at a time to suit you. Paperwork is minimised wherever possible, with online forms, emails and digital document signing making things simpler and quicker. And advice is more formatted – with the 'whole market' of products being periodically reviewed, a short-list of the best selected, and then these chosen from on a case-by-case basis. Just as individualised and with no compromise in solution quality, but without much of the complexity (and so cost) previously involved. There's a slightly different ideology behind this (namely that a smaller range of solutions can service the needs of many people most of the time), but the focus remains very squarely on delivering the best customer outcomes.

Onvestor (you'll have guessed by now) operates the new way. We love talking to our clients, but we don't feel the need to meet them face-to-face (nor they us). Which is not to say that our relationship with them is any less strong – far from it. We pick and train our fully-qualified advisers not just on their advisory professionalism, but also on their ability to engage with real-world people. People who don't want to buy products (without necessarily understanding what they're really doing), but want a high-quality, jargon-free discussion about their desired futures and how best to realise them. We make that conversation possible.

The conversation covers a lot of ground. Everything from ensuring you've got the right bank accounts, credit cards and utility providers, to the best mortgage you could have, the right level of insurance/protection, and the right mix of savings, investments and pensions to give you the income in later life you seek. We also advise you on your tax position, and do will-writing and broader estate planning as you look at legacy beyond your own lifetime.

It's a complete service, but not one we arrived at accidentally. Extensive experience in advising a huge cross-section of clients over a number of years gave us plenty of insight as to what clients both need and want. And unlike a swathe of new market entrants who believe that a robot can sort out your financial affairs for you, we think a human conversation matters. Because in the real world, it's not just about ISAs and pensions, it's about many more emotive things – inheritance, the Bank of Mum & Dad, downsizing, and long-term care to name just a few. These are not things that any algorithm will solve, and they're all inter-linked. Onvestor helps you make sense of all of them – putting you in a place where you have perhaps more understanding, control and peace of mind around your financial affairs than ever before.

That may sound like something unachievable, but the way we've reinvented advice, we don't think it has to be.

John Humpish - CMO, Onvestor

About the author

John is a director of Onvestor, and has 30 years’ experience in building products and services that deliver what customers want and need. He has worked in global leadership roles in a number of the world’s biggest multinational businesses spanning the worlds of banking, insurance, wealth management and technology.